• Barroco on the Rock:
    George Borrow’s visit to Gibraltar in August 1839, by Richard García.  ‘Barroco’ is the name by which Borrow was recorded as a visitor. The author, now retired, was formerly Chief Secretary of the Government of Gibraltar.
  • Borrow’s Second Tour of Wales in 1857, edited by Ann M.Ridler.
    There are two notebooks of Borrow’s tour from Shrewsbury to St David’s via the south coast of Wales and back through mid-Wales to Shrewsbury. For the first time the full text will be brought together, recapturing a fascinating journey quite separate from the 1854 visit which led to publication of Wild Wales in 1862.


  • George Borrow in Portugal and North-West Spain,
    by Ian Robertson, author of Richard Ford 1796-1858, Hispanophile, Connoisseur and Critic.
  • Borrow’s Illustrators, Part I,
    by Kedrun Laurie and Norrette Moore, papers on Frederic Sandys, E.J. Sullivan, A.S. Hartrick, Paul Nash, Anthony Gross.
  • Borrow’s Celtic Bards, Chiefs and Kings,
    by Clive Wilkins-Jones.